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Getting your document ready

Writing takes time and the more pressure you are under the more likely it is that little errors can creep in. Or, maybe you are too close to a document. If you’ve worked on it for hours and days on end, perhaps you can no longer spot the errors and your brain tells you what should be there, not what is actually there.

Let me help you remove the distractions from your writing and give it the professional finish it deserves. 


Proofreading is the final sweep that comes after the editing and (ideally) typesetting processes. The aim is to sweep up any remaining errors or mistakes that are left over, or have been introduced, by the editing process. This includes:

– checking for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

– ensuring the text makes sense

– ensure the layout is consistent on each page

– checking tables and illustrations appear as the should

– checking formatting of references and citations

– checking that an index is formatted consistently

I can use the following methods to carry out the proofread:

– Microsoft Word documents – markup using Track Changes 

– PDF documents – markup using the comments function

– On paper – markup using the BSI symbols 

The cost varies according to content and the degree of proofreading required. As a rough guide, book length documents can be from £0.005 up to £0.01 per word. If there are relatively few errors, the rate is likely to be closer (or at) the lower end.

Business reports and other shorter documents are usually charged at an hourly rate. These costs are in line with the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP) advisory rates.

 Suggested minimum rates (

Proofreading is not editing and I do not re-write sections or change your words (unless they are used incorrectly). This ensures that the work remains true to your voice.

Style Guide

If you create a lot of content and struggle to keep things consistent, I can prepare a style guide for your business or organisation. This is a document to which you, your staff or future editors can refer. It will ensure each document that your business generates can be consistent in terms of font, spelling preferences, and other layout details. It brings style to your business brand. 

The creation of a style guide is also charged in line with the CIEP’s minimum rates.


Will be available in the coming months. 

Free sample edit

If you would like to see how I work, I would be happy to carry out a sample edit on 1,000 words from your text. (This assumes that your work is a manuscript of book-length.) 

Regardless of genre, if your regular proofreader isn’t available and you need a straightforward proofread, get in touch as I may have some availability.